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Climate change is the main challenge facing humanity today. This phenomenon is largely caused by the continuous increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution, most of which come from human activities. The effects of Climate Change are evidenced by the increase in the global average temperature, generating impacts on planet life, especially on the most vulnerable populations who often find themselves unable to overcome the consequences of extreme weather phenomena that multiply and become more intense.

To address this problem, ALPA Climate Solutions was created to offer solid support to public and private organisations that wish to assume an active commitment in the fight against Climate Change.

ALPA Climate Solutions has experienced professionals who accompany the commitments made by the different sectors in the face of Climate Change by providing innovative solutions linked to mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Our work methodology allows us to provide solutions based on experience.

Our Commitment

  • Accompany the public and private sector to reduce greenhouse gases emissions to 45% by 2030.
  • Provide technical support so as every sector strengthens its carbon neutrality target by 2050.
  • Increase the resilience of vulnerable sectors against extreme weather events that will deepen.

Our Values

At ALPA Climate Solutions, we base our policies on five fundamental pillars: Responsibility, Sustainability, Innovation, Transparency and Receptivity.

These values define the identity of our organisation, inspire us and accompany us in our relationships with our partners and within our team.


When taking on commitments, we use our energy to find the best possible solution. We support all sectors with the highest human and professional standards.


We incorporate sustainability into every decision we make, outlining viable strategies that have environmental care and sustainable development as their main objective.


We apply a sense of creativity, finding innovative answers that allow us to build on continuous improvement.


We believe it is essential to integrate transparency towards our team and our partners into our values. This value allows us to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


At ALPA Climate Solutions, we believe in the value of people, inside and outside the organisation. That is why we are committed to freedom of expression and the exchange of ideas to build the best solutions together.


Our work methodology allows us to provide innovative solutions
based on experience.


Ricardo Bertolino

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO of ALPA Soluciones Climáticas.

Socio co-fundador de B&C Climate Solutions.

Ex Subsecretario de Medio Ambiente y Coordinador de Políticas de sustentabilidad y participación ciudadana de la Municipalidad de Rosario.

Coordinador de cursos de formación sobre Cambio Climático y asesor en gestión de residuos en más de 60 municipalidades de Argentina.

Fundador de la Red Internacional de Ecoclubes e impulsor del Movimiento Agua y Juventud Internacional.

Fellow de la red innovadores sociales de Ashoka (desde enero de 1999) y de Schwab Foundation, de Suiza (entre julio de 2001 y diciembre de 2005).

Alejandro Cejas

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO of ALPA Soluciones Climáticas.

Agustín Lorenzati

Corporate Carbon Footprint Analyst

Environmental Engineer (UCA). He specialises in the calculation of the Corporate Carbon Footprint and International Reporting.

Valentina de Marco

International Alliances

Environmental Engineer (UCA). She is responsible for the International Platform Reports.

Sofía Bertone

Renewable Energies

Nowadays, she serves in the development of Renewable Energy Projects at Red Argentina de Municipios contra el Cambio Climático.

Sofía Tabaniello

Corporate Carbon Footprint Analyst

At present, Sofia serves as a Carbon Footprint Analyst, calculating the inventories and developing diverse strategic plans in compliance with international norms such as ISO 14.064, IPCC y GHG Protocol.

Agustina Rossi

Corporate Carbon Footprint Analyst

Environmental Engineering student (UCA). He has been trained in Environmental Impacts on Fauna (Vitrubio Soluciones Ambientales) and in the integration of Maritime and Environmental Law (Fundación Expoterra).

Sol Barbero


Environmental Engineer (UCA). He is currently participating in the review and updating of Local Climate Action Plans in the mitigation axis.

Juan Ignacio Capilla

Climate Action Plan Analyst

Advanced student of Environmental Engineering (UCA). International Baccalaureate (IB) in Mathematical Studies and Biological Sciences. Advanced level (C1) of English (CAE) and German (DSD II).

Josefina Bordino

Specialist in Climate Action Plans

Graduate in Natural Resources from the School of Agricultural Sciences (UNR). She completed a Postgraduate Diploma entitled: "Bases and Tools for the Comprehensive Management of Climate Change".

Facundo Riolfo


Professor of Educational Communication (UNR). They has developed professionally as a communicator in various media, formats and platforms, with particular emphasis on digital and institutional communication.

Melisa Agüero

Communication Assistant

Graduated in Journalism (UNR). Master in Strategic Communication (UNR). He specializes in digital communication for social impact projects.

María Celeste Nogueira

Finance and Business Administration

Public Accountant (UNR). He has experience in accounting studies in the labor, tax, accounting and general administration areas.


Orlando Costa

Sustainability and local development

Gustavo Delbon


Gustavo is a Graduate in Capital Market (Universidad del Salvador) and a Lawyer (UBA). He also received a Master in Finances by the UTDT and is a graduated Team Coach from Escuela Europea de Coaching.

Andrés Agosti

Energy management

Andrés is an Industrial Engineer with a PhD in Economy and Energy. In addition, he received a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from Hochschule Esslingen in Germany, specializing in Energy Management.

Alejandro Balcázar Montalvo

Specialist in Political and Corporate Communication

Tommy Lindström

Sustainability and Development

Mr. Lindstrom is a construction and renewable energy engineer. His working experience comprehends diverse areas such as project management, energy planning, renewable energies and civil engineering. For the last four years, he has been serving as energy project manager at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Miguel Angel Cinquantini

Carbon footprint