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Customized strategies

The specialists at ALPA Climate Solutions have a long history in providing services and in the search for innovative solutions related to mitigation and adaptation to climate change for public and private organizations.

Our work methodology allows us to provide solutions based on experience that are adapted to each client.

ALPA Soluciones Climáticas professionals have already provided advice to more than 250 Latin American municipalities, assembling and applying customized Local Climate Action Plans. Today, 23 argentinian municipalities implement these actions through innovative climate founding strategies.

In ALPA Climate Solutions we cooperate with the private sector through the calculation of their Corporate Carbon Footprint, which includes all emissions that are influenced by a company’s decision. This action represents the first step to developing a successful climate strategy. Based on the information provided by the client, we design reduction and compensation plans in order to optimize the resource management to the fullest.

At ALPA, clients can find qualified experts who can develop and manage energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. We deliver solid advice to execute this type of projects which often make high environmental and social impact.

When implementing concrete actions to fight climate change, the local governments often face technical, legal and financial barriers. For those reasons it is essential to put together the proper planification and management strategies that suit the particular needs of each client so as to achieve the execution of these actions.

Nowadays, there is a global trend towards the development of climate change resilient cities and a low carbon based economy. At ALPA Climate Solutions we offer advice in the formation of different programs linked to the promotion of green jobs and entrepreneurs.

ALPA specialists advised more than 60 local governments in the development of Waste Management Plans (WMP) and provided training, talks and technical support on an international level. Efficient waste management is one of the main challenges faced by local governments, who reach us to find comprehensive and innovative solutions.


Climate Change is the greatest
challenge facing humanity.

It is time to improve the strategy.



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